Annabel Kajetski:
15 Minutes Inside Someone

24/03/2017 - 01/04/2017

Annabel Kajetskis exhibition lingers in the theme; youth and know-how and the theme is reflected upon from the artist's personal history, fiction and sociological theory. What is fascinating in the naive thoughts of the youth? The exhibitions main focus is on a video installation, which will examine the values of modern society. The reflections are displayed in their natural form, as a stream of thoughts in one’s consciousness, and the questions displayed are questions a person returns to again and again. But the work also reflects on the simplicity of everyday life, friendship and humor.The artist has used her own and her friends videos as material for the work and then used the characteristic features of the post-Internet art estethics to paint the narrative even further.

Group exhibition:
Western Sahara, forever?

22/02/2017 - 28/02/2017

Long ago. 42 years ago. Now. And then.

This is the narrative structure upon which Sahrawis, indigenous people from western Sahara, build their identity. Some Sahrawi live today in the Western Sahara under the Morroccan occupation, some behind the border in the Algerian desert, and some in diaspora around the world.

The education system of Sahrawis raises a generation of activists, frustrated in the current situation. The vision of freedom unites but also conceals the fragmented realities in which Sahrawis live today.

The exhibition at Asbestos Art Space invites you to join this quest of freedom for Sahrawis. There are photographs, installations and moving image on display. Each of the five contributing artists have been involved in the solidarity work towards Western Sahara.
Helena Sanches, Kerttu Martinpuro, Leena Faurie, Suvi Baloch, Trama.
Exhibition was organized in cooperation with International Solidarity Work, Finnish Peace Committee and Ruohonjuuri.

Asbestos Open Mic vol. 1 is an event organized by Asbestos Collective and it is an ongoing project. Open Mic is for anyone interested in sharing a piece of art with others, in a dim lit livingroom atmosphere. We will start by reciting poetry but any form of art is welcome, presented within a safe environment (no discriminating material allowed). Performances are limited to 0-6 minutes and can be in any chosen language. In case you perfom other pieces than your own, this should be mentioned before starting.

Asbestos Art Space presents: OPEN MIC vol. 1 Living ROOM


Hommes: La Nouvelle Collection

09/02/2017 - 13/01/2017

This project is about the construction of identity of the generation that the artist represents in present-day society. The generation born in the 1980s and the 1990s is facing strong social pressure – and will be facing it in the next ten years, as the baby boomers retire and the labour market is restructured almost completely. Science and culture are also in a state of constant transformation. The government’s actions to revive the economy only seem to increase the pressure.

The series of works presents exemplary personalities who express themselves through their skills and knowhow in their respective fields. These individuals create their own paths in their professions, living their identities through them. The old education structures and role models based solely on steady income and 30-year employment contracts have been crushed. Work no longer entails just earning money, but professional skills determine people’s lifestyles and self-image. Knowhow is part of people’s personality and their hopes for the future.

By presenting his project in the context of a fashion magazine, the artist draws a parallel between his theme and the ideologies of the fashion world. The materialistic and unreal ideals of the magazines are replaced by genuine role models and real goals in life.

 selected exhibitions / events 2017

Interaction is Stay Ice’s fifth solo exhibition where the artist continues the same playful and graphic style seen in his previous works. Now the artist is moving towards the more traditional art picture, inside the white cube. The exhibition addresses the interaction between the human, urban space and art and the question of how the city can be constructed for the human. The exhibition encourages the viewer to consider their own role in relation to their urban surrounding.

Interaction is an action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another. Stay Ice describes the theme of the exhibition: ”By interacting, we create continuance in progress. Let’s relinquish the illusion that the human, urban space and art would be separate entities. Living in a city should be a synergic experience where separate makers interact in a cumulative manner. The same thing happens in nature, so why not interact with our current environment as an active part of it?”

The interaction of the three central elements is clear in the exhibition: in the simple black and white works Stay Ice presents the human, the environment and the art. The organic shape of the human figure is combined with the architectural and geometric silhouettes of the urban landscape and further on intertwined with multi-layered paint. In the visual contrast you can see the feminine and the masculine, the delicate and the strong. Stay Ice overlays in a technical manner, as well as in style as art historical portrait, sculpture and painting are combined in an interaction with each other. The exhibition radiates etherealness and Stay Ice’s usual technically polished style.

In the visual centre of the exhibition, you will find an anonymous muse, who is in Stay Ice’s words ”an artist and a friend who helped to elevate the exhibition to this level with her ruthless critique and unlimited inspiration”.

Do you want to know how to create a legal mural in Helsinki? During the exhibition Stay Ice will curate a comprehensive programme where one of the guest speakers will be G-Rex, a group whose aspiration is to create a better profile for legal mural art in Finland and offer alternatives for the commercial pictures in the urban environment. G-Rex members will discussing and sharing their thoughts and practical guidelines for taking action.

Stay Ice has worked since 2011 and is best known for being a street art entrepreneur and the creator the igloo symbol. In his art Stay Ice has long been playing on the borderline of street art and fine art. The artist could be described as a modern day renaissance man, a creator of underground culture and the spokesperson for the annexation of the urban space, at the same time being frozen and a perpetual motion machine. Asbestos Art Space warmly welcomes the like-minded visionary!

"How do we fight back? By creating art."
-Terence McKenna


Stay Ice:

07/01/2017 - 21/01/2017

Asbestos Art Club Vol.2:Y0!


Asbestos Art Club is a recurring event held by Asbestos Collective. Asbestos Art Space presents one night of exhibiting a generative video installation ”Y0!” (2017).
The artwork is constructed of visual spectacles by Samuli Häkkinen & Jarkko Räsänen. The piece is filtering in realtime some visual stardust out of the frequencies recorded in the video; where the duo is blessing the construction yard of Kalasatama with some decent rap video maneuvers.

Club sounds by DJ Velkakierre.

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