15.-18.5. Walter Götsch: "some parts seem unfamiliar"

“Some parts seem unfamiliar” is an installation at the Asbestos gallery in Helsinki, Finland from 15.5. to 18.5.2022.

The installation consists of two parts. Old farming equipment and tools are in the middle, many of them which are rusted and weathered down. The equipment used to have clear functions, but over time the origins have been forgotten, building up to what would be soon called a myth. since the shadows before Babylon, these too will dissolve into the stream.

Leaning the wall is a portrait of the spirit of Progress. Emerging from a synthetic landscape, it is uncertain of its establishment. Progress is hoped, but progress is not assured. She is among us and we are among her.

The tools are guiding, speculating, but also questioning certain aspects of humanity. They are tactile, familiar, and accessible. They are meant for humans. Our thumbs came with evolution because of the use of tools.

My works are about the interaction between nature and human. In a society where there is hyperinflation in objects and a constant technological reactivity, I want to bring back the feeling of ritual and togetherness. I am interested in old farming equipment, tools, and the rural culture. How these tools were used and what was the connection with the surroundings. From a contemporary life where every object is meaningless and can be easily replaced, I am interested in an object that is the most meaningful, almost sacred.