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4.-12.3.2022 Remi Leskelä: POP KIDS NORD

Avajaiset: PE 4.3. 17.00-21.00


LA-SU 12.00-18.00

TI-PE 13.00-19.00

LA 12.3. 12-16

Pop Kids Nord- Love letters from Helsinki and Other stories.

Have you taken the wild ride through the night? How would you tell the story of these people whose hearts cannot be filled – not by the drinks, not the dance nor the drugs. The Little White Pearl of Baltic sea –Helsinki- is a confusing place and year 2019 is twice as confusing time.

The exhibition consists of intensely colorful paintings and a collection of polaroids over the span of five years. Helsinki twentysomethings in their glorious chaos, inside- and outside. The narrative mixes petty little personal tragedies into a bigger picture at the hedonistic end of the decade and starts to unfold from Helsinkis infamous Vaasankatu.

Summer 2019 Remi Leskelä grabbed an artist name Vaara in the hope for Instagram anonymity and went off the rails. Stuck up bureaucrat by day and a sparkling club kid by night. During that time period he developed his distinctive bright color palette and became the plastic age Hieronymus Bosch that he is now.

You’re more than welcome to the opening on Friday 4th of March from 17-21 at Asbestos Art Space Mäkelänkatu 45.

Special thanks to Olesia Kova, Alois Auer, Arina Baranova and Niko Nästi.

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