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14.-20.8. Max Eilbacher & Birch Cooper: Emergent Structures

Emergent Structures is the collaborative project of Max Eilbacher and Birch Cooper, formed out of a long running computer music code correspondence. Emergent Structures composes generative music. We emphasize a cybernetic approach to composition in order to make music that reflects natural systems, inspired by the feedback that generates the emergent structures of our reality. We construct highly synthetic and stylized versions of these systems in our compositions that play out like polychromatic virtual ecologies. Recorded excerpts of these systems could be thought of as virtual field recordings.

ES are very pleased to hold the first public presentation of our piece Pseudo Ecological Polychrome at Asbestos Space. This is an infinite duration cybernetic composition written in the computer music environment SuperCollider. In this piece, a synthetic ecosystem of sonic entities encircle one another, each influencing the other's behavior in a highly convoluted loop. Various groups of these entities cohabitate within the space over time, generating an ever changing invisible world.

Birch Cooper is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from the Pacific Northwest of the US, currently based in his own mind. Birch's work meshes a variety of media, including audio, sculpture, electronics building, performance and interface design. He is a frequent collaborator, operating in the frameworks of his collectives MSHR and Emergent Structures. Cooper’s practice tends towards hybridity and feedback, often involving interactive installations, electronic music systems, and virtual scapes. Each of these nodes is routed into the others to encourage mutation within the overall system.

Max Eilbacher works with sound. That work materializes in a variety of forms; compositions, musical performances, conceptual systems, perceptual choreography, installations and theoretical sculpture. No matter how the final work may be categorized, the art typically utilizes speakers and sound waves. A frequent concern throughout the works is an inquiry into the inextricable and complex relationship between sound and experience. At each incident of sound, a phenomenological abyss must be transversed. He is aware the listener is the agent taking such a leap. Composition (or whatever may be emanating from a speaker) is the practical enactment of such a leap.

Open hours

Wednesday 17.8. 10 am - 3 pm Thursday 18.8. 10 pm - 1 am Friday 19.8. 3 pm - 7 pm Saturday 20.8. 4 pm - 7 pm

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