Juste: Hommes: La Nouvelle Collection 9.2. - 13.1.2017

This project is about the construction of identity of the generation that the artist represents in present-day society. The generation born in the 1980s and the 1990s is facing strong social pressure – and will be facing it in the next ten years, as the baby boomers retire and the labour market is restructured almost completely. Science and culture are also in a state of constant transformation. The government’s actions to revive the economy only seem to increase the pressure. The series of works presents exemplary personalities who express themselves through their skills and knowhow in their respective fields. These individuals create their own paths in their professions, living their identities through them. The old education structures and role models based solely on steady income and 30-year employment contracts have been crushed. Work no longer entails just earning money, but professional skills determine people’s lifestyles and self-image. Knowhow is part of people’s personality and their hopes for the future. By presenting his project in the context of a fashion magazine, the artist draws a parallel between his theme and the ideologies of the fashion world. The materialistic and unreal ideals of the magazines are replaced by genuine role models and real goals in life.