Annabel Kajetski 15 Minutes Inside Someone 24.3.2017-1.4.2017

15 Minutes Inside Someone Annabel Kajetski 24.3-1.4.2017

The 24th of March the Exhibition ”15 Minutes Inside Someone" will open at Asbestos Art Space. The exhibition lingers in the theme; youth and know-how and the theme is reflected upon from the artist's personal history, fiction and sociological theory. What is fascinating in the naive thoughts of the youth? The exhibitions main focus is on a video installation, which will examine the values of modern society. The reflections are displayed in their natural form, as a stream of thoughts in one’s consciousness, and the questions displayed are questions a person returns to again and again. But the work also reflects on the simplicity of everyday life, friendship and humor. The artist has used her own and her friends videos as material for the work and then used the characteristic features of the post-Internet art estethics to paint the narrative even further.

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