Earth of the Colour / Fipatti & Ceylon ART INK

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ART exhibition 19.-25.05.17 : THE EARTH OF COLOR. TATTOO workshop 18.-25.05.17 : Ceylon Art Ink is making “Stick and Poke, Bambo tattoos” (Send message to us or come visit for a tattoo.) DINNER Sri Lankan Rice & Curry 24.05.17 : We serve food & drinks with Sri Lankan theme. Supah käma!

EARTH OF COLOUR "In our journey we experience a progress what perplex our life. Decisions determine the destiny. When two humans from different culture try to stay together. Adventure, where freedom became a goal. I will not let anyone control the direction of my life." - Fipatti "I learn of the world when I am traveling, different culture and different human, respect and not respect for the human, human makes the nature changing, we are all colorful with same blood, we are all humans, we all born in the same planet and we will die in same earth." - C.A.I.

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