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Aya Brace: Meet Me There! 9-17.3.2018

Meet Me There!

Aya Brace - Solo Exhibition

Exhibition Opening on Friday, March 9th, from 6pm–9pm.

The exhibition will be open from the 10th of March until the 17th,

1pm-7pm every day.

Fringes, core. Exotic, endemic. Fashion, documentary. Mom, daughter. 1988, 2014.

Does the modern motif of being constantly bombarded with images alter our notions of exotic? Does the media sculpt our perceptions on countries we consider as developing? As a photographer, may one ever be anything but an observer on the fringes of reality? Are there themes which persist once the photographer is not the Mother but the daughter, when the year is not 1988 but 2014, when the gaze is not educational but exploratory?

Meet Me There is, above all, an exhibition of captivating photographs taken in Ghana in 2014. The exhibition draws inspiration from pedagogic photographs taken in Ghana by Marita Brace in 1988. Evading an educational stance, Meet Me There instead explores the hazy boundaries of fashion and documentary photography. It aspires to connect visual beauty with notions of time, development and personal identity. Looking in from the fringes, Meet Me There depicts frozen moments, lingering seconds, as seen through the lens of a 26-year-old Finnish-Ghanaian photographer visiting the country for the first time since her childhood.

Aya Brace, a Finnish-Ghanaian photographer, (b. 1991) holds a BA (Hons) in Fashion Photography from the London College of Fashion. Her work has been featured in the Dazed magazine article ”Nine Young Fashion Photographers Upsetting the Status Quo” and she was a shortlisted finalist in the Bar Tur Photobook Prize of 2015. Currently based in Helsinki, Aya Brace continues to work on her personal art as well as commissions, presenting fashion through a humanistic perspective, while exploring the unrivalled power of a photograph in visualizing change and beauty in today’s world. Facebook event;

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