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ULTRA394 Collective Occupying Asbestos Art Space 12.4-15.4.2018

Work by ULTRA394​ ​ /ˈʌltræs.ɪd/ Collective Opening Friday 13.4.2018 from 5pm-10pm @ Asbestos Art Space Mundo Crew at 7pm -->(gigs by various artists) Do not miss it!

Opening Hours: 12.4 at 15-20.00 13.4 at 12-22.00 14.4 at 12-19.00

ULTRA394​ ​ /ˈʌltræs.ɪd/ 2018

First comes tags Hollows over tags Fill ins over hollows Throwups over fill ins Pieces over throwups Blockbusters over pieces ULTRA394 over everything

ULTRA394 applies the core fundamentals of aggressive street bombing to challenge space and perception in a privatized world occupied by deserted individuals. The methods used are intrusive and naturally disturbing for a mentally hygienic, normative being.

Born out of negative subsistences turned to destructive acts, two negatives have formed a positive. At its present state ULTRA394 is an urban exploration in space, perception and seemingly passive disruption.

Mostly this is enacted in derelict buildings, forgotten places, holes and corners lost for now but found in another time.

Together ULTRA394 has over 20 years of experience in spontaneous artistic expression.

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