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5.5. Kaya Penelope Pakaslahti: FILM SCREENING/ 'You who will never be mine' & 'My mother's island':


Sunday at 6 p.m.

Hello friends, film people and art babes, lets get together for a film screening at Asbestos on Sunday at six p.m.!

Cecile Evert Kjær and Kaya Pakaslahti show their graduation films from the masters program in Film at HDK-Valand göteborg.

Filmmaker Sara Forsius will join them in a discussion on feminist filmmaking methods.

‘My Mother’s Island’ explores othering in relation to national identity and the idea of homeland.

The story follows Hanna from a breakup on a Silja Line -cruise ship, to her childhood summer place in Finland, where she is reunited with her mother.

‘You Who Will Never be Mine’ is a modern interpretation of a historical event, set in a contemporary environment. King Christian IV gave a castle to his beloved Kirsten Munk. She locked herself inside of the castle, choosing to end her days there, and the short film is asking why she felt freer enclosed in her room, than in the relationship with the King.

Sara Forsius is a photographer and filmmaker, who worked as cinematographer in the theatre performance, Fuckgirl (directed by Antonia Henn at Viirus, 2022) worked as exploring through the work, the cameras function in embodying different gazes.

-Graphic design Celeste Knirke


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