9.-12.9.2021 Elif & Pyry: Stories Around a Bonfire

a photo exhibition by

Elif & Pyry

Sept. 9, Thursday 17:00 - 21:30

Sept. 10, Friday 15:00 - 21:30

Sept. 11, Saturday 15:00 - 21:30

Sept. 12, Sunday 15:00 - 21:30

Elif was raised in Istanbul; Pyry in Helsinki. They had their

first joint exhibition a decade ago a thousand kilometres from

here; this is the second one. In between, there were struggles

and despair; snuggles and delight. In between they grew a

little and laughed a lot.

Elif identifies as a writer; she writes with letters and

light. Pyry is a photographer, a musician and a climber. They

weave stories everyday; together and apart.