MASS 17.-28.4.2019

This is a play, a game on perception and action.

Come aware of the mental conditioning

over collective behaviour in a space. We have different rules here. What you know, what you think you know, no longer applies. You are invited to discover for yourself how you behave when you enter an artificial, manufactured universe – a space in time and a time in space where you are called to try out different faces. Body is a mask. Body is mass. Body is made out of cells, or atoms that vibrate. Body functions with code. It is programmed and hackable. An individual body follows an individual algorithm.

This is M.A.S.S. Multidimensional Algorithm Shift Series.

A series of works that offer a platform for shifting, altering, changing algorithms of the body, of the mind, of the emotion and of the spirit, energy. Your multidimensional ecosystem interacts with its surroundings. You can shift as you please. The blind notices the observer. The observer discovers the author. You are part of this story, and you have full control and therefore full responsibility over your actions. Use it wisely, and use it playfully.

Light is here to enlighten the dark.

This is movement, motion, sound, vibration, image, sign.

This is dance, music and art in a three dimensional, inhabited space.

Duration of two weeks gives us a frame to build, deconstruct, morph, make a mess, fall apart, get lost and be found. There are many versions of a story. Your words are unique, and your confusion is the gateway to more insight.


° ° °

M.A.S.S. is an immersive performance installation mixing contemporary dance, sound art, visual art and installation. The piece offers a platform to explore what lies between identities. As a spectator-participator, you are welcome to bring costumes, props, texts, images and acoustic instruments with you. The only essential element for experiencing the work is presence.

Presence is a present of the present. May you find yours. We offer you ours.

° ° °

M.A.S.S. @ Asbestos Art Space, Mäkelänkatu 45

17th April 2019, 19 – 22 h Premiere/ Opening

18th – 29th April 2019, 15 – 22 h

(On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th there are no performances.)

Concept, creation and performance: Sade Risku and Lintu Libertine