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Premier of a documentary «Into a Decade» 10.10.2020

Eyal Schwartz — is the artist, writer, painter, healer, therapist and traveler, who lives the life of freedom: inner freedom, financial freedom, freedom to travel the world and live in many countries.

This documentary tells about his story, how he became an artist, what influenced him, how he creates, what kind of relationships he has with art and how he approaches it.

This movie about Art, Love, and how one can live creatively without a fear of the unknown. It's an example of how anyone can unlock access to one's own creative freedom.

We made this movie so people around the world would feel inspired and dare to create something new whether it's art or any other project they wish to materialize.

Artist: Eyal Schwartz Directed by: Almaz Salikhov and Eyal Schwartz Music by: Martin Nonstatic


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